Age of Conan developer Funcom, has seen a sharp fall in its shares since the MMO game launched in late May.

Massively reports that the company's shares on te Oslo Stock Exchange have falled from $54 on May 20th to $24 at the time of writing.

The reasoning many are putting behind this drop is that despite the initial sales looking positive, investors are worried as to how well the game will actually retain players.

Some feel that despite impressive early stages, Age of Conan's content and quality gets less and less as the games gets further in, which has led many gamers to cancel their subscriptions.

Still, it is worth noting that although there has been a drop since Age of Conan's release, for the months prior to that, Funcom's stock had been steady at around $25. It's possible the $54 value was simply a temporary boost from the game's strong performance at pre-order.