Sims creator Will Wright gave people attending Comic Con 2008 a sneak peek into the world of Spore, his new evolution sim due out later this year.

And in case you were in any doubt that you were going to get good gaming hours for your money, Wright revealed during his presentation that the Spore universe is so large that you could "play the game for your entire life and never visit everywhere". That sounds like a challenge to us.

Wright began his hour-long session at the event in San Diego talking about how his early interests of science fiction and space exploration led to the creation of Spore.

He said that his starting point was the question: "how do we deconstruct the universe?" He then went on to say that he believes games have a big role in helping people understand science, which is often handled in a "dull" way.

Wright explained that while many games make you "a Luke Skywalker or Frodo Baggins", Spore "puts you in the role of Lucas or Tolkien", with an entire universe to make your own.

Players using the Spore: Creature Creator have now created 2,124,343 unique creatures through the programme, up fromthe 1,756,869 Wirght announced at E3. He added that 14,000 videos had been uploaded to YouTube as well, using Spore's sharing tool.

To top it off, Wright demoed the game live to a thoroughly impressed crowd. He showed the advance from the Civilisation phase to space-faring, earning cheers and gasps from the audience.

Spore will be released for PC on 7th September.