The free-to-play MMO World of Kung Fu has had its last series of upgrades and a new server before its official release on August 1.

Having been in open beta for some months, it is now about ready for it official release. The new update features eight new maps which expand the games playable area by 25%.

These include the new country of Qinchuan, its capital city Jingchuan, a huge replica of the Forbidden City - populated by dragons - a Dragon Maze, a large Hot Spring area and Qigong Temple.

New quests have also been added, with a new treasure hunting system and the "Divine” weapons class being activated too.

You'll now also get the chance to battle against enemies like the Tang Serpent and the Mojia Warriors, and to top it all off, the level cap has been raised to allow players to achieve level 80.

“The new features and additions to gameplay as well as numerous under the hood technical enhancements really add polish to World of Kung Fu, and that is being reflected in the numbers of new registered users we see signing up every day”, said producer David Clarke.

For more details, or to get yourself involved, log on to the World of Kung Fu website.