If the streets of Liberty City are proving just too challenging for you, Xploder Cheat Saves should give you a helping hand to get you out of a pickle.

Sure, to me, it takes the whole point away from a game. Then again, I guess there are some people that want to feel the absolutely undeserved pleasure of finishing a game other people put serious gaming hours into. I'm not bitter.

According to the press release, Xploder Cheat Saves for GTA IV on PS3 is "the only way to get ahead in the latest Rockstar epic without spending hundreds of hours playing". Well I mean of course - god forbid I'd buy a game to actually spend time playing it.

Anyway, you'll be able to unlock and skip missions, have plenty of weapons and ammo, and get your hands on vehicles like the Annihilator Helicopter.

PS3 Xploder also connects to the online Xploder cheats database which contains cheat saves for other titles such as Metal Gear Solid 4, Call Of Duty 4 , Guitar Hero III and more.

On top of cheats, the Xploder software for PS3 and PSP also contains a host of multimedia functionality.This includes the ability to convert movie files to AVC for playback on your console, transfer music from iTunes onto a memory card playback on your console and manage an image gallery.

You can download trial versions of the Xploder Software or purchase the full version from the Xploder website for £9.99.