New Wario game, Wario Land: The Shake Dimension has been given a release date and we now know that we'll see the 2D platform game on European shores in September.

Developed excusively for the Wii, its Wario's first appearance on Nintendo's console, and the game sees you seeking out treasure, completing missions and fighting pirates to get your hands on as much money as you can.

You're also out to rescue Queen Merelda, who has been kidnapped by the pirate leader, Shake King, but whether Wario is really out to do a good deed remains to be seen.

You may have already heard that to play the game, you hold the Wiimote sideways and shake it to activate Wario's special moves throughout the game.

For example, shaking the controller whilst on solid ground will see Wario unleash his "Ground Punch" move that will stun all enemies on the screen. This move can also be used to manipulate surroundings and grant Wario access to new areas in the game.

All the shaking fun is unleashed on 26th September so get your Wiimotes at the ready.