The casual gaming division of Blitz Games Studios, Blitz Arcade, has unveiled a portfolio of new titles developed for digital download platforms.

Each of the games will be showcased at the forthcoming Casual Connect conference in Seattle from July 23-25th.

The five original titles, CodaChain, KrissX, Buccaneer, Droplitz and Encleverment Experiment, have been developed to work across both PC and console digital distribution platforms.

Chris Swan, director of Blitz Arcade, said: "Since forming the Arcade division we've created an innovative and varied range of games for the casual audience.

"This first batch of games, together with the previously released SpongeBob Squarepants: Underpants Slam! on XBLA, demonstrates our ability to capture the essence of games that have instant appeal."

Two of the games, Droplitz and Encleverment Experiment, have actually been developed from concepts by employees of the company.

CodaChain, a winner of the well-known Dare to be Digital competition, was recently acquired by the studio and further developed by the Blitz Arcade team.

The final two games, KrissX and Buccaneer, have been developed in partnership with two external developers.

All five games vary from puzzle games and brain teasers to music games and a shoot'em up.

Philip Oliver, CEO and co-founder of Blitz Games Studios added, "This is a fascinating time – the rapidly growing casual games market reminds me in lots of ways of what it used to be like in the early days of the games industry. It is a great way to encourage and develop talent from within our company.

"Giving staff the opportunity to have their own ideas realised as full games is a very strong motivator and good for the studio as whole. The division is also allowing us to work in partnership with some very talented grass-roots developers."

Check out the images for some screenshots.