Gameloft have launched six new games for the iPhone and iPod touch that are now available on the Apple App Store.

Each game has been reworked to get the most from the iPhone's gaming features, and offer what the games publisher describes as a "unique set of original characteristics and gameplay".

"We're delighted with the broad appeal of the applications we'll have
available on the Apple App Store at launch," said Michel Guillemot,
president, Gameloft.

He added: "Our best-selling titles have been specifically redeveloped and revamped to leverage the revolutionary features of the iPhone, and we are confident that iPhone owners will enjoy this new experience in gaming."

Games that are available include top sellers such as Brain Challenge, Bubble Bash, Chess & Backgammon Classics, Platinum Solitaire, Platinum Sudoku, and Diamond Twister.

All the games make use of the touch screen and/or accelerometer features of the iPhone. For example, you move pawns with the tips of your fingers and shake your phone to roll the dice in Chess & Backgammon Classics and in Platinum Solitaire you shake your phone to shuffle the cards . All clever stuff really.

Diamond Twister, Platinum Sudoku, Platinum Solitaire and Bubble Bash will be available for $7.99 while Brain Challenge and Chess &
Backgammon Classics will be priced at $9.99 and available from Apple's App Store.