The UK is to host a new, high-profile event dedicated to the business of casual games.

The Casual Games Forum will debut during London Games Festival on Thursday, October 30th.

It event will be a one day conference, made up of three strands - the first in the morning, focusing on opportunities in the sector and looking to the future of the genre, and two in the afternoon, with one exploring the potential of casual games and the other taking on a more technical, development tone.

"The casual games industry has grown dramatically in recent times and is rapidly saying goodbye to its niche tag as it becomes more and more mainstream,” said Andy Lane, Tandem Events director - the company hosting the event.

“The Casual Games Forum has been designed with several aims in mind; to explore the business angles of this exciting market, but also to get under the skin of the more technical and practical aspects of developing casual games.

“As well as catering for those already involved in the sector, it'll offer those waiting on the sidelines the chance to learn more and perhaps more importantly, give everyone the chance to network together, either as future partners or possible competitors."

For more information, visit the Tandem Events website.