505 Games has announced it is developing a game based on the classic finger-flicking table football game, Subbuteo.

Coming exclusively to Nintendo DS, Italian game developer Artematica has recreated the tabletop football game for the Nintendo handheld, making full use of the Dual Screen functionality.

Gamers will interact with the game using the stylus on the lower screen to set the player position, defend, attack, pass and shoot, with full control over ball.

Using the finger-flick icon on the screen, the player can choose the angle and power of the kick just like the real thing. The upper screen gives real time feedback on all the match action with fouls, goals and those impressive aerobatic shots.

You will be able to choose between tournaments or traditional leagues, as well as create new teams from scratch. You'll be able to challenge others in a multiplayer game using the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection.

Subbuteo will be available exclusively on Nintendo DS in September 2008.