Nintendo have released the line-up for this week's Virtual Console update.

First up, retro gamers will be excited to see the return of Pac-Man in Pac-Attack, originally released on Super Nintendo in 1993. Slightly different to the original, but just as simple - keep your screen clear of falling blocks and ghosts by eating them. It's got more than a hint of Tetris about it, and just like the rest of the oldies-but-goodies, is insanely addictive. You'll need to cough up 800 Wii points for this classic.

Next up this week, destroy the Enemy Generators and defeat the Menon Guardians in Sega Mega Drive's 1992 game Super Fantasy Zone. Eliminating your enemies will let you rack up gold, which you can use to buy even better weapons, upgrades and other equipment - but spend wisely, each boss will present you with a different challenge. This is also 800 Wii points.

Switch from guns to claws, as King of the Monsters, the action game featuring mighty battles between giant monsters, previously unleashed onto the Neogeo in 1991 has made it to the Wii. Six fearsome creatures rampage across Japan clashing with other monsters in order to become the definitive King of the Monsters. With special moves like fire breath and high-energy beams, get ready to devastate opponents and become the Best of the Beasts. Download it for 900 Wii Points.

And if three wasn't enough for you, disaster strikes as space pirates take over in Commodore 64's retro, 1988 game, Cybernoid. Your mission is to recover stolen valuable minerals, jewels, ammunition and weaponry before the time runs out. Get your mits on it for 500 Wii points.

Also at 500 points is this week's final offering - Summer Games 2, first released on the Commodore 64 in 1985. Test your competitive skills across eight different events, including cycling, equestrian, fencing, high jump, javelin, kayaking, rowing and triple jump. It's not quite Wii Sports, but it's a fond reminder of how far we've come.