For anyone that bought Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 from Xbox Live recently, there's good news. The Super Street Fighter II Turbo High Definition Remix beta (good to know they're keeping the name nice and simple) is now available to download, exclusively for you.

Now this may very well have been the reason you bought Commando 3 in the first place, but either way, get onto XBLA and download it for a sneak peek. PS3 gamers will have to wait unfortunately.

Now the beta version does only have a selection of two, pretty similar fighters, Ryu or Ken, and there's only one level. But it does allow you to play the game online, with modes including Player or "Quarter" Match, Ranked Match and Tournament Mode.

Anyway, remember it's free, and you're helping Capcom stress-test the network code underlying the online features that power the multiplayer modes of the game.

The SSFIITHD beta will run for around 8 weeks - so ending around August 20th. I could be sooner though so get your hands on it quick.