Call of Duty gamers, listen up - a new Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Variety Map Pack is now available for free download from Nvidia.

The company has partnered with Activision to make the Map Pack available from its website.

The pack features four new multiplayer maps, which include:

Broadcast -­ featuring tight corridors and wide open parking lots where large groups will utilise close-quarter fighting and strategic manoeuvers.

Chinatown - where night battles well lit by the full moon can play havoc against a backdrop of brightly coloured lamps, antique shops and neon signs of the local district.

Killhouse -­ a desolate warehouse under enemy attack where squads will need to move through building mock-ups and plywood walls in order to take control of the combat arena.

Creek -­ a wide open village in a heavily wooded area where battles are fought among high ridgelines and deep in underground caves.

Of course, you need a full version of Call of Duty 4 to be able to play these new maps. Enjoy!