Online retailer has taken £40 off of the price of Rock Band.

The popular game and its instrument bundle have received some criticism since its release for its steep price tag.

The suggested UK retail price of the "Band In a Box" SKU of Rock Band, which includes drums, guitar and microphone, is £129.99.

Add in the actual game, which has an SRP of £49.99, and you're looking at nearly £180 to enjoy the game to its fullest.

However, have taken £30 off the Band in a Box set of peripherals, marking it down to £99.99, and also nipping £10 off of the game, pricing it at £39.99.

This makes the bundle just £139.98, which does sit a bit better on the wallet than its SRP.

Rival game Guitar Hero still has a heavy presence on the website though, with a whole store within the site dedicated to the game.