Space Station Sim is a new simulation game for the PC announced by Avanquest Software.

The game sees players working to create an international space in true 3D construction.

Space Station Sim is being developed in conjunction with NASA and the Japanese Space Administration, to make sure it is looking authentic and accurate.

The player takes on the role of the chief administrator of NASA, using real NASA modules, such as the Zvezda or the JAXA Japanese Experiment module, to create their own space ship.

To operate the space ship, a crew must be created with careful
consideration given to their training needs, based on abilities and
personalities. The crew's activities and personal relationships must be managed through the regulation of food, sleep, exercise and entertainment ... all in zero gravity traveling at 17,500 miles per hour.

Players will explore life in space and win the cooperation of the
international space community as they create an international space station and deal with critical situations.

The game is due for release in June and will be priced at £19.99.