Cross Fire, an award-winning online FPS game, is making its way over to the UK thanks to a new publishing deal.

North American publisher G4BOX reached an agreement with South Korean Neowiz to bring the game into North America and the UK.

Under the terms of the partnership, the game will launch in both markets in autumn 2008.

"We are proud that Neowiz chose G4BOX to bring this leading FPS to North American and UK gamers", said Howard He, chief executive officer of G4BOX. "Cross Fire is an innovative and compelling FPS and we look forward to making it a major success."

A military online shooter game for the PC, Cross Fire was developed by Smilegate. It boasts sophisticated graphics which run smoothly even on low-end PCs.

The game was a huge success in Korea where it first launched in 2007. So popular, in fact, that additional servers had to be added within 1 hour of the game going live due to the amount of traffic and people playing.

Both companies said that more information will be released about the game for the Western market shortly.