Industry whispers suggest that Blockbuster is getting ready to open specialist games outlets on the UK high street.

Sources say the company, that currently deals mainly with rentals, is hoping to become one of the big contenders in games retail and is looking to steal the market share with the opening of new games-focused stores.

Blockbuster is no doubt eager to get back some of the revenue from the gaming industry that it lost after selling off its Gamestation chain.

Leading analysts, as well as sources within Blockbuster, have claimed that a move into games-only retail is on the cards for the chain – and soon.

"Blockbuster is definitely aiming to take a bigger percentage of the gaming market", said a source within Blockbuster.

"We're not at the same level as some of our competitors – but in a few years’ time we will be."

Analysts also believe the move could be announced soon. James Flowers of Verdict Research said: "Blockbuster has struggled in recent years, so it makes sense to do more in games. It is a logical step for them".

There is no official statement about this from Blockbuster at the moment but we'll keep you updated.