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(Pocket-lint) - As Ikea furniture continues appear in a large percentage of homes in the UK, it only seems fitting that it should fill our virtual homes too.

Well players of the Sims 2 will soon be able to do just that, following a marketing deal between the Swedish company and Electronic Arts, the game's producer.

The unusual partnership will see a selection of Ikea furniture and home furnishings available to players of The Sims 2 via an add-on software package.

EA releases three such packs a year to meet the demands of Sims players who just can't get enough of expanding and personalising their virtual worlds.

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"The success of The Sims has generated a number of online communities committed to the game and eager to share content they have created inside the game", said Nancy Smith, the EA global president for The Sims label.

"As a result, we know not only players' passion for creating their own content but their desire to interact with brands. It's an environment in which players like to blur the line between the digital and real world."

Just last year, EA partnered with another Swedish company, H&M, which allowed Sims 2 players to dress their characters in the retailer's clothes.

The H&M fashion pack reached sales of 1 million in its first year.

The Ikea add-on pack will be available from 27 June.

Writing by Verity Burns.