Activision has expressed its plans to bring back the Tony Hawk skating franchise to its former glory by introducing industry-leading innovation into the game.

Activision Publishing president and CEO Mike Griffith revealed that the next entry in the series will be for DS-only.

"We're reinventing Tony Hawk from the ground up", he said.

He mentioned that there were two separate Tony Hawk developments underway. The first, expected to be released this year will be the DS exclusive, "that utilises new technology not yet seen on the DS".

The second release will launch during fiscal year 2010 which begins April 2009. It is presumed it will be across multiple consoles.

"This title will have two years in development to deliver the kind of breakthrough that the franchise needs", Griffith said.

"For competitive reasons, we're not going to talk about it today, but we're very bullish on the kind of innovation this will bring. This won't be your father's Tony Hawk."