If you've seen trailers of the upcoming Speed Racer film and thought it looked like your cup of tea, Glu Mobile has announced the global launch of a mobile game based on it, under the same title.

This is the first game that Glu has developed and published through its strategic worldwide partnership with Warner Bros. Digital Distribution.

"The team at Glu has done a remarkable job", said Anthony Campagna, director of wireless sales development, Warner Bros. Digital Distribution. "This game provides hours of entertainment and will make a great companion piece for anyone passionate about Speed Racer."

In a nutshell, the game allows players to become the ultimate Grand Prix champion while driving the Mach 6. You have to use the artful driving skill of Car-Fu to drift slide, jump, and defensively drive, while navigating extreme tracks and avoiding dangerous obstacles.

"We’re really proud of the job our studio has done to develop a white-knuckle racing game on par with the level of quality that the Wachowski brothers expect", said Jill Braff, senior vice president of global publishing at Glu.

"We’re excited to be able to put this experience in the hands of consumers in anticipation of the film's debut."

The game is now available for download via wireless carriers worldwide.