It's taken long enough to make its way over here from Japan, but the wait is nearly up.

If you're one for fantasy games, Etrian Odyssey sounds like it could be one for your to-buy list this summer.

The new RPG game combines quest and combat with classic dungeon exploring, old school "pen and paper" style map drawing, ferocious enemies and an absorbing universe.

Set in Etria, a small village at the edge of the fabled Yggdrasil Labyrinth, heroes from all over the world are drawn to the challenge of reaching the depths of the enchanted caverns, recovering riches, defeating monsters and gaining everlasting fame. However, until this day, no one has ever discovered the labyrinth's secrets and reached the bottom level and survived to tell the tale.

So you know the drill – it's your challenge to do just that. But to do so you must assemble a prodigious band of adventurers with different skills to overcome different problems you will encounter along the way. Choose wisely though, warrior, they could be the difference between success and failure. Oooh ... dramatic.

Etrian Odyssey launches across Europe exclusively to Nintendo DS on 6 June, and should cost around £34.99.