First Wii Fit, now Wii Pole Dancing - is it really possible?

It very well could be if Peekaboo Pole Dancing gets its way. The company have sent out an email announcement stating they are currently seeking a partner to help license their idea for a Wii game that'd see you "shake your booty" and "spin your thing". Sounds dangerous.

The company, who currently sell home pole dancing kits - one of which is endorsed by Carmen Electra - believe their product could work in the virtual world too.

Peekaboo seems very keen to stress pole dancing as a form of aerobic exercise rather than stripping practice. Whether Nintendo's squeaky clean image will buy into that when Carmen Electra can be seen frolicking around a pole in her pants on their homepage remains to be seen.

The company says it plans to ship the game with a portable pole included - similar to the balance board for Wii Fit - and add that the concept is to make pole dancing instantly accessible, "just as Guitar Hero did for rock'n'roll".

Little else is said about the project, only that it's a concept, and "A-list" celebs like Carmen Electra, Kylie Minogue, the Spice Girls and Pussycat Dolls are already fans of the company.