Radical Entertainment has said they are working hard to ensure gamers in Australia and Germany can get their hands on Prototype - even if that means editing a lot of the violence from the game.

Both regions are notorious for demanding cuts - Australians are playing a different version of GTA IV to the rest of the world, and it seems that this could be set to continue.

Radical's marketing director Chris Hansell has said they will face the challenges and work closely with the ratings authorities to ensure release:

"We're working really closely with the German office and we've had multiple meetings with the USK. As you can imagine that was a lot of work to get it through the German market but we take it very seriously."

Levels of blood and "dismemberment" have already been toned down, but Radical have said the producer still has a "very long list" of changes to make before they'll be able to get it released.

They can't confirm it yet, but they intend to ship the low violence version at the same time as other versions worldwide.

Hansell expressed a disappointment at having to make changes to a game conceived for a mature audience, but added:

"Obviously it's a challenge that we all face and we have to respect this and make the best possible game we can within those restrictions. But yes, in a perfect world we'd have complete freedom. Maybe one day things might change."