Halcyon Games, the company behind the Terminator Salvation video game has told Pocket-lint that it is exploring the possibility of creating a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game set within the Terminator universe.

"We are exploring different things, which I can't go into too much... MMO’s are certainly on the radar for something that we are thinking about", Cos Lazouras, the president for Halcyon Games told us in a one to one interview at a preview of the company's latest game, Terminator Salvation, in London.

Halcyon Games, which is a division of Halcyon who own the rights to the Terminator franchise, is clearly hoping that the success of the Terminator movies and spin off TV show will tap into the large fan base that has grown since the first movie 25 years ago staring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

"The last three movies don’t apply to a very fluid gaming ratio, it was just one enemy, difficult to kill, one enemy that was relentless", Lazouras said. "However now with the new game [due out in June] and the Sarah Connor Chronicles TV series the universe is opening up".

Stay tuned for a full video interview from Megawhat with Cos Lazouras in March.