SimCraft showed off their professional-grade full-motion simulator, the APEX SC830, at CES in Las Vegas on Thursday.

The APEX SC830 features three degrees of freedom (roll 40° / pitch 25° / yaw 40°) and has a unique architecture allowing centre of mass rotation recreation, providing a professional driving simulator aimed at pro racers who can’t make it out onto the track.

SimCraft also recently announced integration with, an online, subscription-based racing simulation service. "Between iRacing's proprietary laser mapping technology that replicates the eccentricities of the world's best road courses, short ovals, and superspeedways, and our cutting-edge software that results in zero latency between what you're seeing and what you're feeling - we're offering racing professionals and serious amateurs an unparalleled experience", said Sean Patrick MacDonald, SimCraft's co-founder and chief technical officer.

Currently available in the US, its unparalleled and will cost you $44,500. If you are really hankering for one, they’ll ship to the UK too.