Feeling the pinch of all this economic downturn and credit crunch? Well, fret not dear readers for Pocket-lint is here to offer you salvation.

Every weekday we will be offering you ways you can save money in 2009.

In a recent poll on the site, 50% of Pocket-lint readers said they are spending less because of the current economic climate, so we will bring you a daily news piece that will keep you up to date with the latest deals, offers and bargains to be had from the world of technology and gadgets.

The offers will be wide-ranging - it may be a particular gadget that has money off, a product that we believe offers especially good value or even an innovation that has been designed to save you money.

Pocket-lint's "Daily Tech Deal" will start from Monday 5 January, and as always we appreciate every comment made on the site so be sure to check back in and let us know your thoughts.

Remember gadget shopping isn't just for Christmas...