You've seen the YouTube video, now play the game. The shoe-throwing attack of Iraqi journalist Muntadar al-Zaidi on President Bush at the weekend has been made into an online Flash game by developer T-Enterprise.

The YouTube footage of the incident has already had over half a million views, and the game - "Bush's Boot Camp" - is proving to be popular as well. It sees players taking on the role of a Secret Service agent who must protect the president by shooting oncoming shoes from the air.

"If you watch the video clip, the Secret Service don't move to protect the President until the second shoe has been thrown", said T-Enterprise MD Sadi Chishti. "We're hoping the agents will use this game as a training aid for future footwear attacks on world leaders".

T-Enterprise has developed a number of topical games based on news events, including titles based on the divorce of Heather Mills and Sir Paul McCartney, and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Give the game a go above and see if you have a future career in the Secret Service.