PSP's on-demand video service Go!View has added hundreds of hours of video content to the service for PSP users to watch on-the-go and on-demand this Christmas.

So you don't have to put up with the rubbish Christmas TV, Go!View is packed full of film, sport and TV shows to keep you entertained.

From the new version of Battlestar Gallactica to the original A-Team, you should be able to find something that tickles your fancy. There's even shows from the latest TV series such as Lost and Heroes to cult hits like Knight Rider, Miami Vice and Quantum Leap, as well as comedy classics like Red Dwarf and I'm Alan Partridge.

As always, you'll be able to sign up for the Entertainment subscription pack for £5 per month, or if you prefer, comedy or sport packs at the same price. If you want to splash out on more than one, you'll be able to get two for £8 per month or three for £10.

To top it off, PSP users can still currently try out the service free for the 30 days, and with all the new content added, there's no time like the present (no Christmas pun intended) to give it a go.