Today's bargain bucket Christmas present idea is ideal for those of you have to buy for someone with an iPod, PSP or laptop.

GelaSkins are a smart and affordable way to pimp a tech device, available from Urban Retro (among others) prices range from £10 to £15 with some a little less depending on the design you choose, as there are discounts to be had at the moment.

One of the great things about this product is the huge choice of designs, with cartoony pics suitable for kids right up to options for Steampunk loving grown-ups. With a design for everyone, it allows you to tailor the gift to the individual.

This present would be ideal for nieces or nephews who already have an iPod, PSP or laptop or are getting one for Christmas as this could make the ideal accompaniment or stocking filler to their main present.

Alternatively, why not use a GelaSkin to soften the blow for someone who thinks they are getting up-to-date version of an existing gadget? "No Johnny, we've not got you a PSP Slim & Lite, but here's a great sticker for your old one..."

Hit the image link above to see some designs as a taster, or follow the link below to take a look at the full range on the Urban Retro website.