A poll of UK teens has found that the majority of them have placed a games console at the top of their Christmas list this year, with Xbox 360 coming up favourite.

Virtual world Habbo polled 5450 youngsters between 11-18-years- old, and found that 39% had asked for a console or computer from Santa. This is quite a significant lead over mobile phones, coming in second with 14% and clothes and accessories in third with 13%.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 was the most desired console from the teens polled, with 20% of the vote followed by Nintendo's Wii and PlayStation 3 winning 19% and 15% of the vote respectively.

Considering the news that Nintendo DS broke the sales record for hardware in the UK last week, it is rather surprising to see handhelds not coming out as more popular with young people, with only 2% wanting a DS and 1% wanting a PSP.