T-Mobile has announced that it has become the first UK operator to offer games for your mobile for free.

Funded by the wonders of advertising, customers will be able to download at least one new game per week by joining T-Mobile's Game Club.

The first game available is Poker Million II, with games scheduled for the coming weeks including IQ Booster, Pro-Bowling, Pool Star and Einstein's Brain Game.

To get hold of these games, you will have to watch two full-screen targeted adverts before starting the game, and two after you've finished. A bit of a pain, but you can't really grumble when you're getting it for free.

You'll also have to be subscribed to T-Mobile's web'n'walk unlimited internet service, which means you won't get charged anything more than your monthly subscription fee for watching the adverts and downloading the game.

Digital ad-funded entertainment company Digistores, will be hosting and managing the content on a weekly basis, and its service will only offer customers the games that are compatible with their handsets.

Poker Million II is available now.