We've heard of Nintendo Wii owners damaging themselves, and their homes, by throwing themselves round their livingrooms, but now it seems our pets are also facing game and gadget related injuries.

According to new research by insurers Petplan, our little friends are getting all sorts of injuries from the gadgets and gizmos that now fill the modern home.

Introducing Pugsley - a Jack Russell cross belonging to one Jemma Scott, 22, from Tunbridge Wells in Kent.

Apparently this pooch has repeatedly injured himself by jumping at dogs that appear on TV.

The 14-year-old mutt then gets entangled in the wires linking the TV to his owner's PlayStation, which then falls on top of him.

But also on the danger list, after a survey of 3000 pet owners across the UK, are iPods, which have emerged as greater threats to the nation's pets than traditional dangers such as tumble driers, washing machines and electric cables.

In fact, it is cats that are most likely to injure themselves with an iPod, whilst PlayStations are a particular risk to rabbits.

For guinea pigs, it's DVD players and remote controls.