If you spend a fair bit of time in front of your computer playing games, you might as well be sitting comfortably.

The Pyramat Gamebag 2.1 is no regular beanbag. It features embedded surround sound speakers and a 20W subwoofer for quality sound to enhance your gaming experience, and an integrated remote so you don't even have to go up to change the volume or levels.

It's filled with billions of beans too, making it an incredibly comfortable place to veg during marathon gaming sessions. There's even a storage pouch to pop in whatever you please, be it a remote for the TV, or a stack of supplies.

The great thing about the chair is that it can be used to boost your movie experience, or hook up to your iPod for your favourite music in surround sound. It's also compatible with handheld consoles like PSPs and DSs so you can improve your portable gaming as well.

The Pyramat Gamebag 2.1 is available now for £99.95.