Just imagine a simulator that would allow you to play golf all day and night if you wanted, even if thunder storms were blasting in the heavens, or your garden was being washed away by rain.

The Golfotron Golf Simulator allows you to do just this. You just have to have a room large enough to accommodate it.

The simulator is powered by Sports-Coach Systems and comes with the latest GPS 3D CustomPlay Program, which basically means that you can hit the ball and see it travelling down the fairway, hopefully in a nice straight line.

The simulator comes with the Sports-Coach Powered Simulator Mat, Sports-Coach Powered Putting Mat, GPS 3D Simulator Program with an unlimited number of courses.

All you have to do is put up the aluminium enclosure, which has a black fire retardant canvas, and then lay the modular platform with its rubber cushioned grass-like carpet.

You then have the projection screen, and a PC system with Windows XP, and then, finally, the 17-inch touchscreen monitor.

And, once it's all set-up, your family will probably not hear or see you for months apart from muffled yells of "Fore!" from behind a closed door.