Here's something you certainly shouldn't do when you're driving, let alone when it's your job and you have the lives of passengers on your hands

Giving a whole new meaning to slacking off at work, this Hawaiian bus driver was snapped by one of his passengers, Ms. Denita Waltz, playing his PSP at the wheel.

And apparently not only that. Ms. Waltz also said he was "speeding on the highway" and had "his legs and feet up on the dashboard".

She added: "It was a very petrifying moment. And when the bus did stop I kept on telling my son, 'Hurry! Get off the bus. Just get off the bus'".

All captured on Waltz' mobile phone, the video has led Oahn Transit Services to suspend the driver without pay pending an investigation. The man has been at the company for 18 years, with no complaints lodged in the last three years. Still, we're not sure he can really talk his way out of this one.