More news is coming in that seems to corroborate the previous rumours we've heard about Amazon's next-gen Kindle e-book reader devices.

Further to the insider news via Crunchgear that saw two redesigned models, a source speaking to BusinessWeek also states that two new models are incoming, one likened to the iPod mini versus the original iPod and a larger device designed for textbooks.

Describing the new standard Kindle as thinner, more attractive and with new buttons and a better screen, the source is quoted as saying: "They’ve jumped from Generation One to Generation Four or Five."

And, following the news we brought you that the Kindle is growing in popularity as a publishing platform for textbooks, the larger-screened Kindle is said to be due within months and aimed at the education market, where a larger screen would be more suited to the textbook format.

The source also suggests that pricing is due to drop with a $249 tag suggested for the standard model.