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(Pocket-lint) - A new prototype screen being shown at the Leipzig Games Convention is hoping to revolutionise the way first person shooter gamers play FPS games.

Called the jDome, the new screen, which its makers say will cost around £100 and be released in the middle of next year give gamers a real sense of being in the action.

The jDome, as it's known, is a back-projection screen that promises to immerse the gamer inside the game's world, 180 degrees on both the horizontal and vertical.

Using a standard projector and of course a games console or PC, gamers can get a full "real life" experience of the game they are playing.

According to the maker, while the new and improved viewing angle is a great headline, there is little or no point in giving the player the ability to have 180 degrees field of view if the game only shows a 90 degrees FOV or less, which is default in games.

"Most games allow the user to change the FOV in the game by a simple command", John Nilsson, the creator of the jDome told Pocket-lint. "You cannot change the FOV to 180, without the proper mathematics, but if you change it between 120-140 degrees, the game works great and you see a lot more of the game world, which is truly there on the sides of you."

We will keep you posted.

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