Street Fighter fans have the chance to star in the series' forthcoming instalment by sending their "face" plus a begging letter as to why they should appear as a background character.

But, time is running out for those who fancy starring in the classic fighting game as the deadline for submissions is this week - Wednesday 18 June.

Capcom says: "You send us... whatever (pictures, video, dissertation, limerick, daguerreotype, singing telegram) explaining why you should be in Street Fighter IV".

"Your reasons can be good or bad, great or small - doesn't matter. Champion player? World's biggest collector? Cosplayer supreme? Anonymous, undistinguished weirdo looking for the limelight? All are welcome to make their case."

But they warn there's "legal mumbo-jumbo" to plough through before submitting an entry, because, should you win, as "Capcom technically owns your face".