Nobody thought the iPhone would become a portable games console to take on Sony and Nintendo, but looking at a demo of a new first person shooter for the phone it might just do that.

Canadian Developer IUGO is showing off a FPS called Re-Volt at Qualcomm’s BREW conference in San Diego.

Although designed for the latest LG handsets running BREW, the company has used the accelerometer in Apple’s mobile phone to allow users to control movement without the need for keys.

Gamers will tilt the phone forward, backwards and sideways to move around the levels, while tapping the screen will allow you to shoot.

The company is currently deciding whether to publish the game through a mainstream publisher although told Pocket-lint that it would most likely opt to sell the game via the App Store when it launches later in the year.

As for multiplayer? The firm says it would love to include it and using the phone's Wi-Fi connectivity hopes to be able to offer deathmatch in the future.