Eidos has announced the final details of its latest gaming title, the Age of Conan at a launch event in Oslo, Norway.

The game, that hopes to take on the popular World of Warcraft, will be based in a fantasy world and offer gamers control over everything from building cities to riding horses or massive mammoths.

The MMORPG will feature a single player level campaign which features over 60 levels and allows you to control four different character sets: Solider, Rouge, Barbarian, and Mage.

As with most RPG's each character type will offer different skill sets from brawn to stealth capabilities.

However where the game shows its strength is in the Massive Multiplayer Online mode allowing gamers to work as a community.

Gamers will be able to join a guild that can then in turn build an entire city complete with keep. Similar to a real time strategy game such as Ages of Empires, gamers will then be able to mine local areas for ore and harvest crops to help fund their city building dreams.

Continuing the RTS theme, gamers will also be able to build city elements that will help them in battles, such as armouries and stables.

Gamers will also be able to buy and trade items with other gamers online.

The developers, Funcom, says that game will bring a "new level of gameplay" to the genre.

So far one million gamers have signed up to the beta that is due to launch on 23 May.