With copies of the game flying off shelves faster than a speeding car, there are plenty of people out there who haven't been able to get a copy of GTA IV.

And now spammers are targeting these fans.

According to VNU, spam is filling mailboxes offering free entry to a "competition" to win a PlayStation 3 and a copy of the super-selling game.

But the report warns that these emails actually contain spyware and Trojans designed to steal personal financial information and software that will attack your computer.

ClearMyMail, which specialises in spam blocking, says that
over half of the junk mail being blocked by its service this week is related to GTA IV.

Dan Field, managing director of ClearMyMail, told VNU: "We are seeing unprecedented levels of spam in relation to the game.

"More than half of the spam our service is blocking is related to Grand Theft Auto, most of which contain viruses and spyware."

"Spammers are like conmen: they are the ultimate opportunists and like nothing more than to prey on the susceptible."

"My advice to anybody who receives these emails is to refrain from opening it, and to wait until they can legitimately purchase the game, even if disappointed by the record sales of this morning."