It may have had people queuing down the highstreet but does GTA IV have staying power - is it still going to be the got-to-have game in 10 weeks time.

Bookies Paddy Power is now taking odds on whether the frenzy is going to continue or whether the family friendly Wii Fit will bump GTA IV off the top spot after just days.

At the moment, Paddy Power is offering odds of 9/2 that GTA IV will sit at the top of the UK charts for ten weeks.

But it's giving odds of 6/4 that Wii Fit, which has also had retailers reeling, will knock GTA IV off the number one spot.

And if it doesn't succeed in pushing Rockstar's latest launch from its top spot then another Wii title, Mario Kart, is the next in the list as a possible contender.

According to Games Industry Biz, this isn't the first time the bookies has tried to take advantage of the media buzz around a game or console.

In 2007, the company offered odds on how much Sony would cut the price of the PS3 in Europe but this actually backfired when the console maker kept the price at £425, leaving all bets null and void.