Following the recent government review which highlighted confusion amongst parents towards the existing certification system, Currys is to classify video and PC games according to their suitability for family viewing, under a new scheme to be trialled in five locations in the UK before being rolled out nationwide.

Video and computer games available in Currys stores will now be "rigorously tested" by a panel of families recruited by the retailer. Feedback from the panel will be used in-store to help identify those games best suited for family entertainment.

Games will be tested by the panel against a wide range of criteria including levels of interactivity, engagement, coordination, education and overall enjoyment. Games classified as suitable for kiddies will be identifiable in-store with a new "family friendly" logo.

Possible friction amongst family members brought from competitive game play will be ranked by a squabble-ometer, whilst a laughter scale will be used to indicate likely levels of humour, and there'll be an exertion indicator whether a game is physically or mentally demanding.

As well as games suitable for younger family members, feedback from panel members over 60 will be used to launch a new age category for OAPs following what Currys says is increasing demand for console games from older family members.