The Museum of Computing in Swindon has turned to Pocket-lint to try and help it track down a couple of consoles it is missing from its games console collection.

The museum, which has over 3000 artifacts from the world of gaming and computers, is currently showing an exhibition titled "Pong to PlayStation" and is hoping that you might have or know someone with a console they are missing off their list.

If you've got any of the following and it's gathering dust in the cupboard then Simon Webb curator at the Museum of Computing would love to hear from you:

- Atari Pong
- Fairchild Channel F
- Atari Stunt Cycle
- Atari 5200
- NEC Turbo Grafx 16
- Neo Geo
- Philips CDi

Pocket-lint was recently at the museum to film the latest episode of Megawhat. The retro episode goes live later this week.