Harmonix, MTV Games and EA have confirmed plans to release the music video game "Rock Band" this spring in the UK. It has been announced that Rock Band will make its debut on Xbox 360 on 23 May.

The UK release of Rock Band will have an exclusive launch window on the Xbox 360 in May, although it will be available for PS3 and Wii later this summer.

Described as "an all-new platform for music fans and gamers to interact with music", the game challenges players to put together a band and tour for fame and fortune, mastering lead/bass guitar, drums and vocals.

With more recordings than any other music game, Rock Band features some of the world's biggest rock artists and spans every genre of rock ranging from alternative and classic rock to heavy metal and punk.

The game will feature the original 58 tracks from the North American release, and for the UK, Blur's "Beettlebum" and Oasis' "Rock 'n' roll star" too.

Additional tracks are available for 160 Microsoft points, with more added to the 70-strong catalogue on an ongoing basis.

The set-up will set rock star wannabes back a steep amount with the "musical instruments" bundle (guitars, drums, microphone) said to cost £129.99 while the game will be £50.