If you hadn't noticed this year's April Fools jokes where more prevalent that ever with our news team's job even harder as we filtered out the fools from the real stories. Was a Blu-ray drive really coming to the Xbox 360? What about Google's team up with Virgin to start a Mars colony, or perhaps a VoIP accessory for the Nintendo Wii? Here are our favourites.

Here at Pocket-lint we kicked off our April fools offering with a spoof accessory for Nintendo Wii suggesting that the Japanese gaming giant had made a Nunchuk complete with phone handset so you could make calls from the controller. Finally you would spell out who you wanted to phone by spelling out their name.

Next up iWoot.com, quick off the mark, announced the Dynamo keyboard, a keyboard that you supposedly plugged into any computer and the kinetic energy produced when you type is transferred from the keyboard to the tower of your computer, where it is stored as electricity.

BMW followed previous efforts - like a glove compartment oven so you can cook your dinner on the way home - with a story in the metro of a BMW that electrocutes any dog keen to pee on your wheels.

EverythingUSB a USB pregnancy test promises expectant mothers an analysis of your hormone levels so you can clear your calendar in advance after reviewing the data.

On the gaming front, Technobob reported about a video game for cats complete with Guitar Hero or Rock Band. The idea according to the story was that as each paw scratches across the litter, it triggers the notes, and every time your cat leaves a “present” in the litter box, the game enters a bonus multiplier mode for extra points.

Meanwhile I4U offered gaming fans a wee simulator for the Wii that you strapped on and aimed for the urinal.

Slipperybrick.com when for a mobile April fools with a Bluetooth microphone with that you had transplanted into your teeth.

On an HD DVD front, ThinkGeek promised fans of defunct formats a Betamax to HD DVD converter while others professed that HD DVD was making a comeback.

On the business front Microsoft had reportedly finally agreed a price with Yahoo, ICANN the people behind the infrastucture of the web to agree to close down the Internet for an hour, Wikipedia founder to quit, and Comcast to buy bittorrent having banned downloads only the week before.

Elsewhere CNET's Andy Lim professed to have a hands on with the iPhone 2.0 only to RickRoll any one who was fool enough to watch the video. It turns out CNET weren't the only ones trying to RickRoll their readers. YouTube opted to send every video on their homepage to Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up.

YouTube wasn't Google's only April Fools offering with the company going overboard to impress. Everything from imaginary team ups with Virgin to create "Virgle", a Mars venture, to suggesting that Google Calendar, would be offering users a "Free Wake Up Kit" to help users get out of bed in the morning.

And finally our favourite - flying pengiuns found by the BBC while filming on King George Island, some 750 miles south of the Falkland Islands.