Firebox is soon to offer the Vuzix iWear in the UK, and unlike other video-goggs, this range has models tailored for particular uses. The coming-soon models will include:

iWear IP230 - "Ultimate iPod peripheral"
Aimed at iPod movie fans, the IP230s are specifically designed with 5th generation iPods in mind and draw power from your player's bottom dock connector, eliminating the need for extra attachments, batteries and cables. Slip them on and see a virtual display equivalent to a 44-inch screen viewed from 9 foot.

iWear AV230 - "Versatile viewer"
Perfect for hooking up to portable DVD players and gaming systems these are also compatible with 5th generation iPods, and offer the same virtual display equivalent to a 44-inch screen viewed from 9 foot. A rechargeable battery built into the cable provides up to 5 hours of viewing juice.

iWear AV920 - "Multiplayer madness"
Capable of replicating the effect of a huge 62-inch screen viewed from 9 foot, these versatile specs are compatible with almost any video device - from iPods and portable DVD players to camcorders and gaming systems.

iWear VR920 - "Virtual reality becomes, er, a reality"
Online gamers are the target audience for the VR920s as they have been designed to bring pixellated worlds to life like never before. As well as containing a virtual 62-inch screen, these plug and play specs allow you to enter virtual worlds and communicate with others as if you're in the thick of the action. An integrated 3 Degree of Freedom (DOF) head-movement tracker and built-in microphone claim to deliver the ultimate interactive online experience.

The range is hours away from launch with much more technical info, plus pricing and availability, when the products officially go on sale.

UPDATE: On sale now! From £99.95...