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(Pocket-lint) - Having a steering wheel for your racing games on the PC is one thing, but what about a racing seat that gives you the sensation that you’re actually in the car?

In what surely has to be the mother of all racing car seats for the PC, the D-Box GP200 will not only set you back a cool £13,500 but comes with three motion actuators that work like shock absorbers that react to movement in the game.

Hit the accelerator hard and you’ll be thrown back in your sit, change gears and you’ll notice that too, in fact it might cost the price of a medium priced car, but it promises to give you the experience of a sports car.

The steering wheel is provided by Logitech while the seat itself is actually a bucket seat lifted straight out of a racing car. The whole device measures 29 x 56 x 48 inches.

Totally portable, we are told, the unit stands on the three electronic shock absorbers and can be connected to a PC via two USB plugs.

Currently the D-Box GP200 comes with two games; rFactor and Microsoft’s Flight Simulator.

rFactor is an open source racing game that gives you the ability to race in Formula 1, rally and a host of other classifications, while flight sim gamers can opt to have a yoke instead of the steering wheel.

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Those about to reach for there wallet be warned, the company behind the device recommends that you invest in three monitors as well to complete the experience.

Writing by Stuart Miles.