Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer, whose movies and TV shows include the "Pirates of the Caribbean" trilogy and the "C.S.I" franchise, has announced a gaming partnership with MTV, reports CNN.

The producer will be creating a "gaming lab" with MTV Games. Bruckheimer stated: "It's pretty exciting what's going on in that arena".

The new project is part of a $500 million iniative by Viacom's MTV Networks to move more into interactive entertainment over the next 2 years.

Bob Picunko, MTV's vice president of electronic games and interactive products said of Bruckheimer: "He's been able to kind of reinvent genres. We're hoping he'll do the same in the video game space".

Exactly what games are to be created was not revealed, but they are expected to mirror the producer's films, summed up as "action-packed dramas featuring explosions and car chases".