Saitek has announced the release of the Cyborg 5.1 Headset, a fully adjustable headset with built-in surround sound to provide what they claim is "the ultimate gaming audio" for PC gaming.

The Cyborg 5.1 Headset features an integrated 5.1 sound card which provides "true" surround sound which will make your gaming experience much more explosive and intense.

Six sonic drivers claim to deliver precise and directional audio, so you can pinpoint attackers from distant gunfire or hear a fast car approaching from behind, allowing you to respond more quickly than if listening through muffled monitor speakers.

The headset has a noise-cancelling boom microphone allowing communication between fellow gamers or team members on MMO games.

The headset features "easy-to-reach" integrated in-line volume controls, mute control and 5.1 sound select switch.

For that extra cyber look the headset cans are enhanced by the unique "Cyborg" logo which illuminates when 5.1 sound is activated.

As well as PC games, the Cyborg 5.1 Headset also works with MP3/CD/handheld devices (in stereo) via the 3.5mm jack cable and comes complete with a carry case.

Saitek's Cyborg 5.1 Headset is available direct from priced at £69.99.