Saitek has announced the launch of its new R660GT Force Feedback Wheel – a new PC racing wheel with Force Feedback and switchable gearstick.

The force feedback technology claims to put the player in the driver’s seat by "translating" the racing action into jolts and shudders in the wheel, letting them feel every bump and crash, whether it’s a track barrier, a tree or a rival driver.

This tech will also allow drivers to feel changes in road surface as they glide from smooth tarmac to rough dirt.

The Saitek R660GT wheel comes with a G-clamp to securely fix the wheel to the desk, so it’ll stay where it’s needed even at 180mph with tyres screaming around a nasty hairpin bend.

The R660GT set-up includes pedals that can be customised to suit the driver, so that they can operate independently of each other or can be combined to suit different games or a player’s driving style.

The R660GT wheel also caters for gamers used to left- or right-hand drive cars with a semi-automatic gear shift lever that can be mounted on the side of the wheel, plus two, fingertip-controlled gear shift paddles.

Saitek’s R660GT Force Feedback Wheel is available from priced at £59.99.